LfeFrm at Night

When the sun fades and the daylight with it, a new side of downtown emerges. The sidewalks empty of shoppers browsing the various boutiques. No longer do the older folks sip their coffee and read their paper at the local coffee shop. The music from the day’s street performers is but an echo. They are all replaced by a younger crowd looking for open tables and open bars. The absence of sunlight allows the oranges, greens, reds and blues of nightlife lighting to take its place. And with these new colors comes the old adage of “seeing things in a different light.” The absence of daylight indeed changes surfaces, textures, and features that remain hidden during that time. These features materialize and proclaim their presence at night. The lack of daylight also makes capturing images a bit more difficult. However,  LfeFrm walked the streets and neighborhood of downtown Campbell, CA and attempted a few shots. At night. In the dark. Did I mention with no tripod and a maximum aperture of 3.5?

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