LfeFrm Visits Casa de Fruta

Just off of California State Highway 152, nestled in the Pacheco Valley between Monterey and San Jose, lies Casa de Fruta: A fruit market offering weary travelers a place to stop and sample some of the regions delicious fruits, nuts, candy, and various edibles. Surrounding the market is a restaurant, candy shop, wine shop, and a few rides for the kiddies; offering something for everyone. LfeFrm decided to spend its Saturday visiting Casa de Fruta to grab some dried fruit and nuts, hang out with the kids, snap some photos and enjoy the day. There are plenty photo opportunities as the place is littered with interesting antique farm equipment, colorful food, and a sluice, equipped with water wheel. So if you are ever driving on state highway 152, don’t forget to stop.


7 responses to “LfeFrm Visits Casa de Fruta

  1. These are super cool photos… and a great post to go along with them. I have to say, my fave is the carousel and the sun peaking over it. Really cool shot on that one in particular.

    • Thank you. I appreciate it. I just picked up photography about a year ago and love it. I still have so much to learn. It really is something special.

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