LfeFrm Shoots Food (And You Can Too!)

A good cook book should do two things in my opinion: It should teach you how to cook correctly and it should make you hungry.  The first part should be as detailed as possible so you don’t burn down the kitchen or find your family feeding their dry meatloaf to the dog. The second part relates to the photos of the food, which should also be as detailed as possible; after all we eat with our eyes first.What today’s photos of food incorporate in many cook books is natural lighting and color. Natural light brings out the details in the dish and helps the colors of the food pop. Some foodie photographers also add color to the place settings or place the food on colorful paper to contrast with the colors in the dishes. The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to photographing food and one is only limited by their imagination.

We set out trying to cook (not our best skill), arrange and re-arrange our finished dish, and photograph it. We found a natural light source in the kitchen, set up a simple cutting board on the dining room table to display the food, plated the food, garnished the scene and snapped away. Granted, we processed the photos in Adobe Lightroom 5 and they are in no way considered professional, yet the lighting was key to making these photos and we really wanted to see the colors come through since a matte finish would be applied in post processing. LfeFrm is rather pleased with the outcome and suggests you try to capture some of the dishes you cook as well. All you need is a window that lets in a sufficient amount of light, some kitchen props (i.e. cutting board, utensils, plates, towels, etc), one of your favorite dishes, and some imagination and creativity.  If you are a real foodie or own a restaurant you can even print some of your best photos and hang them up as food art. Happy cooking and happy shooting. Maybe one day we will see your food photos published 😉

The matte preset we used in Lightroom 5 was given courtesy of Jill Levenhagen photography and you can find it here.

The Recipe:

(6) Slices of Egg Plant

(4) Slices of Tomato

(1) Whole Wheat Pita Bread



1/4 cup goat cheese

Handful of Basil

Heat pan with 1/2 tbsp. of olive oil. Slice egg-plant and tomato. Drizzle with Olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Cook about

5-7 minutes, on medium-high, flipping egg-plant and tomato half-way. Meanwhile, Slice one slice of whole wheat pita bread and

spread small amount of goat cheese. When egg-plant and tomato have browned a little remove from heat and layer on pita slice with

spatula if too hot.  After layering sprinkle remainder of goat cheese on egg-plant and tomato and top with fresh basil. Serve with

favorite chips and drink. (Note: Do not salt egg-plant and tomatoes too much. The goat cheese has enough saltiness to it)





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