LfeFrm Taken Hostage

LfeFrm MADVILLAINI’m glad to be back. I don’t have much time right now as I am on the run. Some weeks ago LfeFrm was taken hostage by a notorious villain. Though he may take on many aliases such as MF DOOM, DOOM, or Metal Face, his real name is thought to be Daniel Dumile. DOOM, along with his accomplice MADLIB, is widely known as MADVILLAIN. These two produce jazzy, funky, and soulful hip hop, which deviates from the norm. They lure their victims in with head nodding beats and infect the brain with powerful, lyrical content; this is how LfeFrm was captured. As of the moment LfeFrm is free from the clutches of MADVILLAIN. Should you come across this infamous character be leery of his music. It is infectious. I have posted a photo, which I managed to take during my escape. The photo will give you an idea of what MADVILLAIN looks like, though his facial details remain cloaked behind a metal mask. Stay cautious my friends and keep away from  dark alleys, city streets with insufficient lighting, and any hip hop music you hear coming from abandoned buildings or vacant lots. As of the moment MADVILLAIN’s whereabouts are unknown. I will keep you updated. Stay safe.


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