LfeFrm Connections: The People of San Jose, CA

When LfeFrm was trying to figure out what to photograph for its next entry, the idea came to light that it should get out and spend some time with the people in the city of San Jose. The people shown here are reflections of a small portion of San Jose’s diverse population. Nonetheless, they help make this city the tenth largest in the U.S.  The joy derived from photographing these people was not only attributed to seeing the outcome of the final photos themselves, but also from the experiences and the interactions LfeFrm had with them for that brief moment: listening to their stories, their hopes and dreams for the future,  their struggles. LfeFrm got more than it expected when asking them to take their photo—in a good way. There was more than pictures made this day. There were connections.  And if LfeFrm helped these people only by bringing out their smiles or lending an open ear or an extra dollar seventy-five, it was time and money well spent. Best wishes to these people who allowed LfeFrm a moment of their time— it was a joy.

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One response to “LfeFrm Connections: The People of San Jose, CA

  1. Hey Brian I really enjoyed what you wrote. The pictures left me feeling like I wanted to know more about these people. I’m sure they all have interesting stories.

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